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The Farsons Brandstore Launch 2/9/2023

The Farsons Brandstore Launch

The Farsons Brandstore is what happens when heritage, iconic household brands and design come together.

The Farsons Brandstore is a concept store presenting Farsons’ quintessential brands in a range of hip and trendy apparel, gifts and memorabilia. With a special focus on Cisk and Kinnie, sampling the large collection is a must for any beer fan. Every space within the store has been carefully designed to highlight and celebrate the building’s original characteristics; from the retention of original reinforced concrete dividing walls, to the decorative display of restored original brewery items such as the Diesel tank and the bottle capping machines, to the creative upcycling of authentic printing blocks behind the cash register, forming a one-of-a-kind feature wall. 

The purposely developed range of garments and accessories was designed with a younger demographic in mind, with the intention of re-introducing these long-standing brands in a bid to broaden an ever-growing base of loyal customers.

Farsons Brandstore will also serve as a new platform from which the brands are introduced to tourists visiting Malta. Perhaps some of these collectibles will become treasured items for these travelers, bringing back fond memories of their vacation in Malta. Needless to say, there is no doubt that the legacy of these brands will remain at the forefront of Maltese culture for years to come.

In a brief speech during Wednesday’s official launch, Mr. Keith Pillow, creative director for DAAA Haus and DNA, took a moment to thank the owners, especially The Brewhouse director Mr. Michael Farrugia, for entrusting the DAAA Group with so many facets of the project - from branding, to interior design, to the output of all their merchandise products. He thanked his team of designers who have worked so hard to make this dream a reality and described the team’s dedication and passion for creating an experience that is not only visually stunning, but also fun and memorable.

In closing, Mr. Farrugia commented on how the opening of the Farsons Brandstore is another exciting milestone for The Brewhouse team, and thanked DAAA Haus and DNA for designing a truly cool industrial space and a super line of new merchandise and memorabilia.

Keep an eye on the official Brandstore website which will be launched very soon. For more information visit: https://thebrewhousemalta.com