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Simonds Farsons Cisk plc

Farsons Brewers & Bottlers

As Malta's first and independent brewers since 1928, Simonds Farsons Cisk has been a forward-looking pioneer and this enterprising spirit guides us today as we seek to broaden our horizons.

International standard brewing, production and packaging facilities

From the outset, we have continuously invested in plant and infrastructure that delivers the very best in quality and product excellence. Following a relentless multi-million investment programme over the years, we now have a modern, state-of-the-art brewing and beverage production facility which, together with the latest investment in packaging plants, enhances our capability to meet our regional aspirations beyond 2016.

Farson's Brewery Plan
  • Logistics Centre 1
  • Brewhouse 2
  • Process Block & Tank Farm 3
  • Soft Drinks Packaging Hall 4
  • Beer Packaging Hall 5

Our production capabilities now comprise:

Logistic Centre

A Logistics Centre which ensures optimal storage, improves line output, and enables us to provide a seamless service to the trade and to our export customers the world over.


A Brewhouse, with 10 malt silos, 4 unmalted cereal silos, equipment for malt milling and 5 main brewing vessels and wort cooling vessels.

Process Block and a Tank House

A Beer Process Block equipped with a Tank Farm with a capacity of 2.88 million litres providing flexible brewing capability to the highest standards,

Packaging Hall

A Soft Drinks Packaging Hall which maximises high standard production efficiency and is capable of handling a variety of PET packages.

New Packaging Hall

A Beer Packaging Hall, including a centralised warehouse storage facility for raw and packaging materials.



At Farsons we are proud of our history and heritage which dates back to 1928 when L. Farrugia & Sons opened their first brewery on the Maltese Islands and launched Farsons Pale Ale. Following successful mergers with the renowned Simonds brewery of Reading, UK, in 1929 and the Malta Export Brewery in 1948, Simonds Farsons Cisk Limited was born.

Inspired by an entrepreneurial spirit of visionary leadership and guided by a respect for the past, Farsons brewery has diversified and evolved into a dynamic Group within the food and beverage sector with regional aspirations to further expand overseas. Its award-winning portfolio of local iconic brands is not only symbolic of Farsons' rich tradition and heritage but also of the Maltese Islands' unique and remarkable history.


At Farsons our dedication and commitment to quality remains paramount. Ensuring that our products live up to our customers’ expectations is a key consideration in all that we do. With an award-winning portfolio of local and international brands and a long-standing reputation for excellence we continuously monitor our performance to ensure that we meet the high standards, specifications and procedures of the quality systems we have in place.

As privileged partners and bottlers for some of the world’s top global brands, we are ISO 9001, HACCP and BRC certified following rigorous external annual quality audits, which are supported by our Quality Department and overseen by our Quality Board.

I marchi

A passion for nurturing and developing world class brands, which earn the trust and loyalty of consumers, is an integral part of our mission. With an award-winning prestigious portfolio of local and international brands, we remain a truly market-led, brand-oriented organisation. Having a well-resourced and structured brand management system in place, we aim to harness and leverage each and every brand’s potential to grow the overall beverage category.

By listening attentively to evolving consumer preferences and needs, and accordingly adapting our product portfolios, we strive to remain at the forefront of product innovation and to engage the consumer in new and exciting ways which keep our products both fresh and relevant.