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Board of Administrators

Board of Administrators

The Farsons Foundation is administered and managed by an independent Board of Administrators who manage the assets and business of the Foundation in accordance with its purpose and objectives and who are committed to acting in the best interests of The Farsons Foundation.

The Administrators are entrusted with determining the general policy of the Foundation and are responsible for its activities, organisation and financial administration. The Secretary to the Board of Administrators is entrusted with the administration of the Foundation.

The Farsons Foundation

  • Louis A. Farrugia

    Louis A. Farrugia

    Acting Chairman
  • Antoinette Caruana

    Antoinette Caruana

  • Michael Farrugia

    Michael Farrugia

  • Franco Masini

    Franco Masini

  • Mark Miceli-Farrugia

    Mark Miceli-Farrugia

  • Arthur Muscat

    Arthur Muscat