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QA Technician 3/27/2019

A vacancy has arisen for the post of QA Technician within the Operations department of Simonds Farsons Cisk plc.  Reporting to the Head of Quality or his appointed designate, the selected candidate will be mainly required to assist in the upholding and implementation of Product Quality Assurance through continuous monitoring and testing of the Raw and Packaging Materials, Production Process and Finished Products, as well as Internal Auditing, Spot checks and Trade Quality audits, at all necessary stages to ensure that factors and parameters effecting production are within laid down specifications.

The selected candidate will be required to:

  • Carry out any necessary tests on different types of water required for different parts of the production process;
  • Monitor cleaning, sterilizing procedures, take microbiological samples and perform microbiological testing;
  • Check where necessary that the prescribed process temperatures are within the laid down limits, according to the prescribed frequency or as instructed by superiors;
  • Maintain adequate stock of chemicals and reagents as required during the course of the analysis. 
  • Prepare chemicals and reagents from stock solutions;
  • Carry out inspection tests on intermediate and finished packages;
  • Collect suitable, properly and clearly labeled, samples to reflect each week's production for shelf life testing or as instructed by Main Laboratory;
  • Collect and prepare routine samples earmarked for dispatch abroad to the Company's Principals (e.g. Carlsberg, Pepsi etc.);
  • Report tests and analysis as per quality Management System requirements;
  • Perform Internal Audits and Spotchecks of the Production Areas;
  • Perform Trade Quality Audits;
  • Ensure calibration and hygiene standards are maintained.

The selected candidate will:

  • Have a minimum “O” level pass in Chemistry and / or Biology;
  • Be self-motivated; show initiative and capable to work under pressure;
  • Be ICT literate and have good organizational and communication skills.

Applicants with BTEC National Diploma in Applied Science, Advanced Diploma in Food Technology or an “A” level Chemistry and/or Biology will be considered favorably.

The ideal candidate should also have a valid driving licence.