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Introducing Absolut Lime, Absolut’s first new flavoured vodka in four years 6/26/2017

Introducing Absolut Lime, Absolut’s first new flavoured vodka in four years

Nearly 30 years after launching Absolut Citron, the top-selling lemon flavoured vodka, the brand finally perfects the recipe for Absolut Lime, a lime flavoured vodka made with natural ingredients. Fresh and fruity with a distinct note of freshly pressed lime, Absolut Lime is perfect for refreshing drinks that taste like expertly crafted cocktails.

During the four years since Absolut last released a flavour, many vodka brands have released many overly-sweet, artificially flavoured vodkas, however, vodka-drinkers around the world are once again looking for natural flavours and refreshing drinks. To meet this need, Absolut Lime is the perfect choice for classic vodka drinks with a refreshing twist.

Capturing the full essence of lime fruits into a vodka proved to be quite the challenge. Absolut’s Director of Sensory Design, Per Hermansson, noted, “I’ve created many flavoured vodkas in my 30-year career, however, perfecting the complexity of lime has always been a challenge. The blend we’ve crafted for Absolut Lime achieves everything we were looking for, offering a full-bodied character that is both complex and refreshing, and like all Absolut flavours, made with natural ingredients with no added sugar.” 

This dynamic flavour allows Absolut Lime to give even the most simple drinks a rich character that is full bodied, yet refreshing. Its versatility makes it safe choice to buy for your home or bring to a party. In addition to being great for home-bartenders, it also offers a unique flavour profile that is also exciting for the world’s best bartenders.

After acclaimed bartender Toby Checchini, tasted Absolut Lime he stated, “When I invented the Cosmopolitan in 1988, it was really in part a direct result of being handed Absolut's new Citron vodka. Absolut has once again done it with their new Lime flavour, which can push the exponentially expanding boundaries of today's cocktail culture.”

To more inspiration on how to experience Absolut Lime in refreshing cocktails, visit Absolut.com and follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.