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FBIC expands its Prosecco portfolio 9/4/2017

FBIC expands its Prosecco portfolio

Farsons Beverage Imports Company (FBIC) Limited have added the illustrious Prosecco producer Nino Franco to their portfolio. The winery is located at the foot of the Prealps, in the Venetian region, and is famous for the Prosecco vine and wine production. Nino Franco is proud to be one of the oldest in Valdobbiadene, having been founded by Antonio Franco in 1919.

The estate has been growing and evolving throughout three generations of producers; Antonio Franco founded it, Nino Franco expanded it, and having taken it over in 1982, Primo Franco has improved the company performance throughout the years, this period being considered the turning point for the winery. 

Primo began to travel and to successfully export the wines in Europe as well as in the Americas and the Far East. At the same time, he invested in the production process to make higher quality wines, eliminating all those wines that were atypical for the area. He also started to monitor closely the grape cultivation with the aim of achieving high quality from the raw material level to the final product. Primo Franco was one of the first pioneers to export the Prosecco and to introduce a different sparkling wine than Champagne into the international market. He has been successful, thanks to his open mind personality, his spontaneity, reliability and competence as well as his charm and ability to communicate his love for his job, and finally, thanks to his high quality and delicious wines.

Federica Bon, Nino Franco’s envoy, recently visited Malta to mark FBIC’s local representation and to conduct a masterclass tasting session at Farsonsdirect. 

Nino Franco is available in selected restaurants, wine boutiques and Farsonsdirect’s The Wine Shop in Mriehel (www.farsonsdirect.com).