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Farsons appoints Group Head of Food Business 8/25/2015

Farsons appoints Group Head of Food Business

Mr John Bonello Ghio takes on the role of Group Head of Food Business with a focus on developing and overseeing the food business sector of the Farsons Group in line with the Group’s vision. Mr Bonello Ghio will be reporting to Farsons Group Chief Executive Mr Norman Aquilina and will join the Group Executive Board.

“In his new appointment, John will lead and support the current dedicated teams both at Food Chain, which he has been managing since joining in 2011, as well as overseeing and developing the food importation and distribution business of Quintano Foods. This appointment is driven by the Group’s vision to give added focus to the entire food portfolio, apart from complementing the Farsons beverage portfolio. This will also offer growth opportunities and synergies which will enhance the possibilities for the Group to continue to achieve improved results and overall competitiveness,” said Farsons Group Chief Executive Norman Aquilina. “John’s experience in the food business places him in a good position to take on this leading role as we continue to formulate and strengthen our growth strategy for this sector.”

This focus and strategy for the food business, which is a critical growth area of the Farsons Group, is supported by continued investment both in Food Chain Ltd through extensive refurbishment programmes and planned openings of new restaurants (within its three franchise businesses, namely Burger King, Pizza Hut and KFC) as well as at Quintano Foods Ltd through substantial investment in its operations.

Mr John Bonello Ghio is a certified public accountant. Since he joined the Farsons Group in 2011, he has successfully led Food Chain Ltd through various growth opportunities. In remarking on his new appointment, Mr Bonello Ghio said: “I am looking forward to this opportunity to be working with the committed teams in the food business sector of the Farsons Group as together we go for further growth in line with the Board’s vision.”