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COMPANY ANNOUNCEMENT: Annual General Meeting 2020 8/10/2020

The following is a Company Announcement issued by Simonds Farsons Cisk plc (the “Company”) pursuant to Chapter 5 of the Listing Rules as issued by the Listing Authority in accordance with the provisions of the Financial Markets Act (Chapter 345 of the Laws of Malta) as they may be amended from time to time.


Annual General Meeting 2020

Simonds Farsons Cisk plc makes reference to the Company Announcements dated 24 April 2020 and 27 May 2020 wherein the Company had advised that the Annual General Meeting (AGM) scheduled to be held on the 25 June 2020 was necessarily postponed in view of the then current COVID-19 restrictions.

The Board announces that the AGM is being re-scheduled to be held on Thursday, 8 October 2020 at 5.00pm and that in the interests of the health and safety of all concerned, the AGM shall be held remotely as allowed by L.N. 288 of 2020.

Shareholders who wish to participate in the AGM would be required to appoint the Chairman of the AGM as their proxy and indicating on the form of proxy how the Chairman is to vote on each resolution put to the AGM.

Shareholders who wish to forward any questions relating to the items on the agenda of the AGM may do so in advance by 6 October 2020.  These questions will be answered by the directors or by such person as the directors may delegate for that purpose.

Shareholders pursuant to the Listing Rules and to the Articles of Association, being a shareholder or shareholders holding not less than 5% of the voting issued share capital of the Company, may:

1. Request the Company to include items on the agenda of the AGM, provided that each item is accompanied by a justification or a draft resolution to be considered at the AGM; and

2. Table draft resolutions for items to be included in the agenda of the AGM.

Any request to include items on the agenda of the AGM and any draft resolution referred to above should be submitted either in hard copy by hand or by mail addressed to the Company Secretary, The Brewery, Mdina Road, Zone 2, Central Business District, Birkirkara CBD 2010, Malta or electronically to antoinette.caruana@farsons.com at least forty six (46) days before the 8 October 2020, that is, by the 23 August 2020, and shall be authenticated by the person/s making it. The Company shall not be obliged to entertain any requests by shareholders after the lapse of the 46-day time limit set out above.

Shareholders on the Company’s register at the Central Securities Depository of The Malta Stock Exchange as at the close of business of 7 September 2020 (the record date), will receive notice of the AGM together with a copy of the Annual Report and Financial Statements for the year ended 31 January 2020 unless these have been already received.  The audited financial statements remain available for viewing on the Company’s website (www.farsons.com) at https://www.farsons.com/en/financial-statements/


Antoinette Caruana
Company Secretary