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Ballantine’s and Album Cover Artist Leif Podhajsky collaborate for Christmas 2015 11/25/2015

Ballantine’s and Album Cover Artist Leif Podhajsky collaborate for Christmas 2015

Ballantine’s, the world’s No 2 Scotch whisky, has unveiled a unique range of limited edition gift packs, exclusively designed for the brand by renowned artist, Leif Podhajsky.

Leif Podhajsky has created some of the most distinctive and beautiful album artwork of the last decade; music fans will instantly recognise his sonically-inspired landscapes and visually arresting imagery.

Podhajsky's work is often inspired by nature and explores themes of the natural world. He is renowned for manipulating elements of balance, symmetry and repetition to create his striking designs. Staying true to his creative origins, this collaboration allowed Podhajsky to connect with Ballantine’s by taking inspiration from the liquid itself as well as the stunning, natural landscapes of Scotland and the whisky journey, resulting in three unique and beautiful limited edition designs.

Each stunning gift pack design tells a story of how Podhajsky was inspired by Ballantine’s, and by the beauty of Scotland itself. This collection celebrates Scotland as the home of Scotch whisky as well as heroing Podhajsky’s own artistic style. The Ballantine’s Finest Tin captures the movement of the liquid and is inspired by the complexity, depth and gold colour of this renowned whisky blend. The Ballantine’s Neoprene Finest Sleeve, inspired by two of the most vital and natural elements involved in the whisky production process: fire and water. The Ballantine’s 12 year old Tin is an abstract interpretation of Scotland’s stunning scenery; capturing the light of sky, the rugged nature of Scotland’s Highlands region and the country’s flowing streams.

Leif Podhajsky said of the collaboration: “Before starting on the designs for Ballantine’s I spent time in Scotland exploring the rugged, natural landscapes and getting to understand the process of whisky making to get inspiration. Immersing myself in this way is exactly how I work when I’m designing album cover artwork too; after a while something just clicks and the designs start to form organically. I take inspiration from everything in my life; the Ballantine’s ‘Artist Series’ partnership has given me complete creative freedom and allowed me to stay true to my own artistic style.”

Peter Moore, Global Brand Director for Ballantine’s, added: “It has been a great pleasure to work with an artist as creative, distinctive and as innovate as Leif on our inaugural ‘Artist Series’ partnership. His eye-catching designs will no doubt be a ‘must have’ for whisky and art connoisseurs alike this Christmas. Leif joins our growing roster of creatives who have worked with Ballantine’s in a way that stays true to their own style, and we look forward to another exciting ‘Artist Series’ collaboration in 2016.”

For more information visit www.ballantines.com