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Artists express their imagination in Negroni 100th anniversary art competition 4/29/2019

Artists express their imagination in Negroni 100th anniversary art competition

Gabriella Lukacs’ tailored pouch is the winner of the Negroni 100 art competition. The competition, organised by Campari to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the iconic Negroni cocktail, saw more than 25 artists submit works which included bespoke jewellery, vivid digital art, striking acrylic paintings and colourful ceramics.

Launched earlier this year and organised in collaboration with Allura – Malta Open Art Studios, the competition called for established and up-and-coming artists to design an original, eclectic and inspired artwork which encapsulates the spirit of Negroni – balance, simplicity, but with an original twist.

After a lengthy process, the judges, all experts in their respective fashion and art backgrounds, selected Gabriella Lukacs as the winner of the competition. Using recycled material and aptly named ‘Revive’, the shape and colours reflect the stylish elegance and panache Negroni symbolises. Christine Porter Lofaro scooped second place with her exquisite painting ‘As they flow’, whilst JAD Jewellery came in third with their masterful neckpiece which exhibited all the different elements that complete the Negroni. The fourth place was awarded to Jana Frost who combined photo-collaging and digital vector illustration to present a classic yet modern take. The fifth finalist was Zack Ritchie whose digital interpretation ‘The Dance of Negroni’ is a call to connect, socialise and celebrate in true Campari fashion.

The Campari Malta Artist 2019 winner together with the other finalists will have their work used for Campari Negroni promotional material throughout 2019, besides being prominently displayed during various major art and fashion events happening in Malta during this year.

Considered to be one of the most famous Italian cocktails in the world, Negroni was invented in 1919 by Count Negroni, who asked to add a touch of gin rather than soda to his americano, in honour of his last trip to London. Negroni’s fascination stems from the fact that it is an equally balanced drink, made from three equal parts: 1 part Gin, 1 part Campari and 1 part Cinzano Vermouth Rosso. Described as a ‘long drink in a short glass’, every Negroni created is an artwork in itself, made to be enjoyed and shared with others.       

For more information visit the Campari Malta Facebook page.

Campari is imported, marketed and distributed by Farsons Beverage Imports Company (FBIC) Limited, a member of the Farsons Group.