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Absolut celebrates Midsummer in Malta 8/2/2018

Absolut celebrates Midsummer in Malta

In the northern hemisphere, the third Friday in June – Midsummer’s eve – marks the height of summer and celebrations are organised in many northern European countries to commemorate the longest day of the year. In Scandinavia especially, people flock to the countryside, making wreaths from wild flowers to adorn their hair, dancing around a maypole and singing traditional songs, organising barbecues, having a drink late into the night and partying with friends, old and new.

For the second year in a row, Absolut Vodka in collaboration with Events by Martin, have brought Midsummer celebrations to life in Malta, with a traditional Swedish dinner and a buzzing After Party hosted at Medasia Playa. Upon entry, guests found themselves in an enchanted world of flower decorations and turf cladded walls, with men and women wearing flower crowns. They danced the night away whilst sipping most delicious Absolut cocktails, pausing occasionally to capture the beautiful atmosphere on their phones and posting pictures on Instagram with the hashtag #absolutmalta.

For more details about the Midsummer event, log on to https://www.facebook.com/Absolut.Malta.