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Bols Around the World 2015 3/23/2015

Bols is proud to announce the return of our global bartender challenge, Bols Around The World, designed to inspire and test the global bartending community. In 2015, we’re shaking it up for a new generation of bartenders.

In 2014, Bols Around the World pitted one drink against another in fierce competition. This year, we’re taking a more inclusive approach by focusing on the job and lifestyle of the world’s greatest profession by challenging bartenders from every country to share their stories and skills with the worldwide bartending community.

The Competition

Bols Around the World 2015 consists of 12 challenges over 12 weeks with a new task shared every Monday. Each challenge is based on the 12 core principles taught at the Bols Bartending Academy and is an opportunity for bartenders to show their knowledge and win points doing it. At the end of the 12 weeks, the bartenders with the highest points in each region will be invited for one week of education, inspiration, and excitement during an ultimate Amsterdam experience.

Our love of bartending

For Bols Around the World 2015, we’re taking the Bols Bartending Academy’s principles to heart by stripping our back to basics and embracing the diverse bartending personalities driving our community towards great innovation.

Over the last 15 years, bartending has finally regained its place as a reputable profession deserving the same respect as that of the celebrity chef. Professional bartenders from a variety of backgrounds are mixing their knowledge of classic recipes and preparation methods with modern techniques to propel mixology into the 21st Century.  Their use of ancient glassware, and the return of waistcoats, cufflinks, sleeve holders and the occasional moustache or beard from the golden age of bartending proves that these young professional have a respect for tradition with a flair for the contemporary – the ingredients necessary for uncompromised creativity.

Join in and win

Registration for Bols Around the World will be open from March 1st 2015. Participants will be required to make a profile for themselves by email or their Facebook login.

On April 1st (and this is no joke) the first challenge will roll out at 00.00 Central European Time (GMT +1) and last a week (168 hours). The last challenge will close June 23.00 at 23.59 Central European Time.

During the challenges, leaderboards will keep you on your toes as to where you stand and what you will have to do to win the Ultimate Amsterdam Experience.

To enter and follow the competition and to learn more about the rules and regulations, visit our website, Facebook page, and follow us @bolsbartending on Twitter.

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