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Cisk Lager wins Silver Medal in Brussels Beer Challenge 2014 11/6/2014

Cisk Lager, brewed by Simonds Farsons Cisk plc, has just been awarded a Silver medal in the Lager: International Style Pilsner category in the Brussels Beer Challenge 2014 competition.

The Brussels Beer Challenge, now in its third year, was held last week (from 30th October to 2nd November) in Leuven, Belgium. Launched in 2012 to promote the beer industry in a market that is not only a benchmark for beer but also home to connoisseurs, the competition gathers strength from year to year with participation increasing to 725 entries this year (up from 592 last year). The objectives of the competition include, promoting quality beers and encouraging healthy competition within the industry, and offering consumers a quality seal awarded by industry members.

This year’s edition saw 25 competing countries, including top participating country Belgium, with 200 beers from 79 breweries, followed by USA with 177 beers and Italy with 110 beers. 61 international professional tasters awarded a total of 160 medals to the winning beers out of a total of 725 entries.

“We are extremely proud that our top quality beer and flagship brand, Cisk Lager has once again been recognised as a world class beer. This is testament to our Brewing and Operations teams’ unwavering dedication to quality and consistency and a commitment to delivering outstanding beers,” said Mr Eugenio Caruana, Head of Production and Head Brewer at Simonds Farsons Cisk plc.

Other prestigious awards won by Cisk Lager include Gold in the UK Brewex Award in 1980, a Gold award and Overall Winner in the Australian International Beer Awards in 1995, Silver in the Brewing Industry International Awards in 2005, World’s Best Standard Lager in the World Beer Awards 2007 and Silver in the International Beer Challenge 2013.

For more information about the competition please visit: http://www.brusselsbeerchallenge.com/.