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“PERRIER inspired by Street Art” Limited Edition 11/4/2014

Once again, Perrier, the legendary natural sparkling mineral water, adopts a bold artistic inventiveness that will impress even the most blasé. With effervescence, creativity and pizzazz Perrier tries its hand at Street Art and the result is as surprising as ever and totally in step with its time.

For this new limited edition, Perrier has chosen three of the world’s most influential street artists: JonOne, an American though Parisian by adoption, the poetic Japanese artist Sasu and the Brazilian humanist Kobra. In all, the three have created nine unique designs to adorn the iconic glass bottles, the plastic PET bottles and the new slim can.

From Dali to Colette, Carlu, Villemot, and even Warhol, Perrier has inspired the greatest artists of the last few decades.

The “PERRIER inspired by Street Art” Limited Edition is in this tradition, as zany as ever and just as refreshing. This will be the “Street Art” event of the year, in the inimitable spirit of the brand and decidedly different.

Street Art was obviously born in the street, and almost instantly drew criticism from the general public. Today, it has come in from the cold to enjoy universal recognition in the art world. Constantly evolving, a part of our lives as an important means of expression, Street Art speaks to us and leaves no one indifferent. Like the manifesto of a freedom protest or an explosion of uninhibited shapes and colors that transcends mere urban façades, Street Art is an ephemeral work in a state of permanent revolution. Mosaics, griffonage, stickers, graffiti, installations, there are no limits to the creativity.

JonOne, a New Yorker who lives in Paris since the end of the Eighties, revisits the glass bottle series, while Sasu from Tokyo, Japan adorns the plastic bottles and Kobra, from São Paulo in Brazil, the new slim can. Together, the trio embody the different facets of the brand: sparkle and audacity for JonOne, elegance and sensuality for Sasu, and eccentricity and love of life for Kobra, yet all share a boundless inspiration and creativity.

Perrier is imported, marketed and distributed by Farsons Beverage Imports Co. Ltd, a member of the Farsons Group.