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Introducing ABSOLUT ELYX in Malta - Absolut ELYX sets the bar for the luxury vodka category 8/28/2014

ABSOLUT ELYX, the new luxury vodka from Absolut, has recently been launched in Malta by FBIC Ltd during a special event at the Club Lounge at Haywharf.

A selected audience had the opportunity of being introduced to the exquisite taste of this unique vodka, served on the rocks as well as in the most delicious ABSOLUT ELYX cocktails, prepared with perfection and an eye for detail.

A musical set by DJ Toby enhanced the delightful atmosphere at Haywharf, while a special guest performance by Ira Losco added an exceptional touch to a relaxed, exclusive evening. 

Pierre Stafrace, General Manager of FBIC ltd, remarked that ‘Over the past few years, we have seen a wave of super-premium vodkas that have been mostly about image.  ABSOLUT ELYX is something different; it’s a unique combination of traditional handcraft, copper distillation and cutting-edge design, produced by the makers of one of the best and most iconic vodkas in the world.’

ABSOLUT ELYX is available in distinctive 70cl and 4.5litre bottles in key bars and clubs throughout Malta as well as at Farsonsdirect in Mriehel.

Photo Caption 1 - from the right Mr Pierre Stafrace, Mr Norman Aquilina and Mr Franco Farrugia

Photo Caption 2 - Ira Losco with Absolut ELYX girls


Crafted from single estate wheat and manually distilled in an authentic 1921 copper still, ABSOLUT ELYX is defined by its exceptional purity and silky texture. It’s the finest expression of ABSOLUT currently produced.

ABSOLUT ELYX is the result of manual processes, authentic craftsmanship and human supervision through every detail of production. ABSOLUT ELYX is made in Åhus, Sweden, exclusively from single estate wheat from the Råbelöf Castle and water from the pristine well upon which the copper distillery rests. From seed to bottle, everything is done within a fifteen-mile radius of the distillery, ensuring quality control and perfection in every detail.