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Luxury marketing in Harrods 8/12/2014

Edrington's malts have been the centrepiece of a luxury lifestyle experience in Harrods this month. The luxury store has been dominated by Highland Park, inviting visitors to explore the story of Highland Park Dark Origins and the inspiration behind the whisky – founder and distiller, Magnus Eunson.

This marketing success delivered prime visibility for the brand in London, which is considered to be the luxury spirit capital of the world. Maxxium UK created a presence for the brand in the form of window displays, a 'Dark Room', and a showcase of the brand's many accolades. The event generated positive media coverage following the trade launch conducted by Daryl Haldane.

The hard work continues as Maxxium UK prepares another project: The Macallan Luxury Lifestyle Lounge in Harrods for July 2015. Following the upcoming launch of the decanter series and another run of the Masters of Photography, the Lounge will firmly establish The Macallan as the ultimate luxury spirit.

Customers can look forward to a 'Privileged Customer' event, which encompasses displays of The Macallan and an exhibition of the Masters of Photography. The Macallan Lifestyle Lounge will, among other things, offer its attendees personal grooming advice for men, positioning The Macallan alongside other bespoke luxury lifestyle brands.

"The quality of the displays and visibility achieved are really an acceleration of our capability to lead within the world of luxury", said Peter Sandstrom, marketing director for Maxxium UK.