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Life just got better - Kinnie Vita launched on the local market 6/20/2014

SFC plc have just launched a new variant of Kinnie, Malta’s own favourite soft drink.  KINNIE VITA offers the same great Kinnie taste with a tangy orange twist, with the added benefits of only HALF the sugar and calories of a regular soft drink.  Moreover KINNIE VITA contains NO artificial sweeteners and is naturally sweetened using a blend of sugar and stevia leaf extract.


Susan Weenink, Head of Marketing and Communications at Simonds Farsons Cisk plc commented: “The launch of Kinnie Vita is in line with Farsons’ on-going investment in innovation and new product development, and is further evidence of our commitment to offering consumers choices which are in line with today’s evolving trends and changing lifestyles.  With many consumers nowadays so much more aware and careful about their sugar and calorie intake, it is important that we maintain and offer a balanced product portfolio which can offer options for every occasion.”


By using a mix of stevia leaf extract, which is approximately 300 times sweeter than sugar, and natural sugar, food and beverage developers and innovators are now able to offer products with greatly reduced sugar and calorific content, whilst at the same time maintaining the taste profile and characteristics of the product. 


KINNIE VITA will initially be available in 500ml PET bottles across leading stores in Malta and Gozo.  The Kinnie brand and its variants Diet Kinnie, Kinnie Zest and Kinnie Vita, is produced, marketed and distributed by SFC plc.


www.kinnie.com for more information