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New San Michel 33cl bottle exclusively for the Vodafone Malta Marathon 2014 2/17/2014

San Michel has been the official water for the Malta Marathon, the largest and most followed athletic activity in Malta, for a number of years.  For this year’s edition, which takes place on Sunday, 23rd February, Simonds Farsons Cisk plc, bottlers of San Michel, has produced a new 33cl bottle specifically for the event.  This compact, easy-to-hold bottle will be handed out to participants at the various water stations throughout the event. 

“We have taken note over the past editions that a lot of the San Michel water handed out to the athletes, previously in a 50cl bottle, goes to waste due to the fact that most of the runners normally only drink sips of water from the bottles provided at the water stations and the rest is thrown away. In our efforts to continuously improve and contribute to waste reduction, this year we have invested in developing and producing this smaller bottle with the sole aim of reducing water wastage. An added benefit of course is that the smaller bottle is also very handy to carry while running which should also please the thousands of participants in this very popular annual event,” commented Ms Karen Scicluna Calleja, Brand Executive for San Michel.

The San Michel 33cl bottle is exclusive to the Vodafone Malta Marathon and is not available for sale.