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Campari unveils elegant new look 8/8/2013

Campari, the world-renowned beverage and classic symbol of Italian style and culture, has undergone a makeover. The revamp is the next chapter in the ongoing mission to modernise the premium brand and reflect its status as a contemporary icon. A sophisticated new bottle shape and new silver foil and glass embossed logo perfectly capture the understated elegance of the best-known ‘red spirit’ in the world.

The restyling exercise was conducted by Claessens International, a leading agency based in London which specialises in design and brand consultancy. The consultancy, which has a long-standing partnership with Campari, was tasked with developing a new look which communicates the charisma and passion of the premium brand in a contemporary and authentic way.

The result is a lesson in chic and stylish design boasting a longer neck, sleeker shoulders and elegant waist that scream sophistication both on shelf and in the hand, whilst the premium glass embossing endorses the brand and creates a unique, ownable bottle.

Silver foil treatment updates the Campari logo and adds a refined, modern feel, while the label in the front panel of the Campari bottle has been reduced for greater standout. The text and visual details of it compliment the overall sophisticated style of the brand and the clarity of the details and the freshness of the colours brings a greater modernity to the brand. A bold statement of origin in Milan gives provenance and authenticity.

The smaller, sharper label has been designed alongside the bottle to create the perfect balance and equilibrium of contemporary style and sophistication, whilst retaining the instant recognition of Campari.

Since it was first created in 1860, Campari has always communicated using the graphical language and stylistic tones of the period, anticipating trends and establishing itself as an icon of fashion and style. From listening to opera and chamber music, generations have passed through to the rhythms of swing, rock, house and lounge music: always there, Campari has always been on the scene.

Adapting to new generations, the renewal of tastes and shapes that the alcoholic beverage market has experienced and which is increasingly seen in the styling of bottles, Campari is once again leading the way in beverage design.

“With this stylish makeover, Campari further establishes its position as an ‘Icon of Italy’”, said Andrea Conzonato, Chief Marketing Officer, Gruppo Campari. “The brand new image is one of proud confidence which perfectly conveys what it is to be a symbol of style and elegance.”

Campari is imported, marketed and distributed by Farsons Beverage Imports Company Limited, a member of the Farsons Group.