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Kentucky Fried Chicken now also goes grilled 7/11/2013

The world-renowned Kentucky Fried Chicken has just launched a grilled chicken menu for the first time in Malta. The Grilled Brazer is a new addition to the menu, extending the chain’s product portfolio.

Tender chicken breast marinated in KFC’s signature herbs and spices and grilled to perfection, the Grilled Brazer menu comprises of a selection of sandwich, twister or salad. With a crisp Italian ciabatta, the Brazer Sandwich is layered with lettuce, tomato, cheese and succulent chicken, topped with KFC’s peppered mayonnaise, whilst in the Brazer Twister, the juicy chicken strips are wrapped in a delicious flour tortilla along with lettuce, tomato chunks and peppered mayonnaise. The Brazer Salad can be dressed to one’s liking with a choice of either of two KFC signature dressings – yogurt dressing or herb vinaigrette.

“These new menu items are a very welcome addition. The brand is catering for a wider market and offering something different, but nonetheless, not moving away from its core product. The Grilled menu has also been launched in several countries around the UK and Europe and has proven to be a big success. We are confident that we will have the same results in Malta,” said KFC Franchise Manager, Ms Nathalie Xuereb Saydon.

“We are proud to introduce this new product into the local market and have launched a large marketing campaign to support it. We encourage people to take advantage of our special introductory offers and product sampling initiatives to try it for themselves. This new item is not to be missed and will definitely become another KFC favourite,” continued Ms Kyra Abela, KFC Brand Executive.   

The Grilled Brazer chicken menu is now available in both KFC restaurants at the Malta International Airport and Gzira. To learn more about Grilled Brazer or to give us your feedback, please visit www.facebook.com/kfcmalta.