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Kinnie extends ‘Taste’ campaign to its packaging 5/21/2013

Following on from the successful launch of the ‘Taste’ advertising campaign last month Kinnie has now launched a limited edition 50cl bottle for the summer months. 

“Last year’s 60th anniversary limited edition bottle was quite a hit with consumers and we expect this year’s limited edition, with its full wrap-sleeve and bold graphics, will be yet another success. This year’s bottle design is certainly distinctive and eye-catching and plays on the word ‘Taste’, in different phrases. Ever since its launch in 1952, Kinnie has always set out to be different and unique, and in this way has continued to retain its appeal over the years,” commented Ms Lara Filletti, Brand Executive for Kinnie.

As part of the ‘Taste’ campaign and in keeping with the popularity of social media amongst the brand’s core consumers, an online promotion has also been launched where participants have a chance of featuring in Kinnie’s campaign on large electronic billboards around Malta. Consumers are being invited to submit photos of themselves and their friends through the Kinnie Billboard App on the official Kinnie Facebook page:  www.facebook.com/kinnie.mt. Kinnie will be selecting the best images received and will include them in its digital advertising campaign throughout July and August.