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Perrier celebrates its 150th anniversary 5/13/2013

Perrier has always inspired artists who, just like the brand, are nonconformist, pioneering and quirky. One of them, Andy Warhol, created over 40 works of the very iconic Perrier bottle.

For its 150th anniversary, Perrier reunites with this legendary artist and presents its new pop art limited edition developed under license with the charitable The Andy Warhol Foundation in New York.

Perrier is a mineral sparkling water with unrivalled fizz that has never taken itself too seriously but knows just the right combination of creativity, elegance and avant-gardism. Rare are those iconic brands, and even rarer are those whose image embodies so much humour, daring, and that little touch of zaniness.

Throughout its history, its advertising campaigns, its icons, its innovations and its successes, in addition to the people who have made it such an icon in itself, it remains one of the most legendary brands of our time.

With an inimitable DNA and offbeat nature that was always intended to travel worldwide, Perrier has become the natural sparkling mineral water par excellence, known and loved for its taste and the ultimate refreshment it provides, in France and internationally.

Perrier’s exciting collaboration with The Andy Warhol Foundation this year celebrates the iconic and forward-thinking brand’s 150 year anniversary by memorializing Warhol’s visionary approach to creating art on bottles of Perrier.

In this special edition, Perrier has dressed its bottles in the Pop Art style and shows off its eccentricity, at the height of its creativity. Inspired by Andy Warhol’s colour and style, colourful backgrounds and paint effects wind their way over the rounded Perrier bottles and cans.

The Andy Warhol special edition packaging is available in most stores, supermarkets, restaurants and bars.

Perrier is imported, marketed and distributed by Farsons Beverage Imports Company Limited (FBIC), a member of the Farsons Group.