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Employee Suggestion Scheme awards for Farsons employees 3/25/2013

Simonds Farsons Cisk plc employees awarded for the best twelve suggestions over the past four years, with Mr Norman Aquilina, CEO – Farsons Group (second from left)

Simonds Farsons Cisk plc has recently held an awards ceremony for its Employee Suggestion Scheme (ESS). The best twelve suggestions over the past four years were awarded by the Farsons Group Chief Executive Mr Norman Aquilina.

Ms Antoinette Caruana, Group HR Manager congratulated all those employees who have, over the years, contributed to the company’s success by submitting creative ideas that address various areas of operation. “Numerous suggestions from employees have been implemented by the company, all contributing directly or indirectly to the company’s success story. The majority of suggestions reflect a positive attitude that embraces continuous improvement in our work strategies and the way we do things. The ESS is a valuable tool that encourages employee engagement with our overall core objectives in practical ways that look at enhanced alternatives and creating openness to different ways of working, as well as contributing to the achievement of targets and successful results.”

The ESS is an important mechanism through which simple as well as complex suggestions from employees contribute to direct and indirect cost savings, in energy recovery, waste management reduction, technical innovation, creativity, customer care and satisfaction, and overall quality enhancement.