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Farsons Group present donation to l-Istrina 2012 12/28/2012

Mr Norman Aquilina, CEO of Farsons Group, together with employees and members of the Board, has presented a cheque of €25,000 to President George Abela as a contribution towards l-Istrina 2012.

Fundraising activities were launched at the beginning of October, where employees were asked to make their donation to l-Istrina 2012 through their salaries. This donation was then topped up through a contribution by Farsons. Group employees also participated in the President’s Charity Fun Run, also supported by the Group.

Another initiative this year included the sale of a DVD from the new Brewhouse inauguration last September, proceeds of which were directed to the fundraising campaign.

During his presentation to the President, Mr Norman Aquilina said, “Although we support a range of activities aimed at raising funds for various social organisations throughout the year, at this time of year our efforts are directed towards l-Istrina, as we have done for the last number of years.”

President George Abela thanked Farsons Group and their employees for their continuous support towards the Malta Community Chest Fund’s events.