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New face for Diet Kinnie 11/7/2012

Bettina Pace is the winner of the ‘Be the Face of Diet Kinnie’ competition and features in this year’s national advertising campaign for the brand.

Diet Kinnie has long been associated with the fashion and modeling industry locally, supporting several fashion events throughout the years. The last campaign for Diet Kinnie was endorsed by winner of Britain’s next top model, Tiffany Pisani, in 2010.

“Teaming up with Tiffany Pisani felt like a natural partnership between two local icons. We loved having Tiffany as part of the Diet Kinnie family. Following that campaign, we wanted to give young aspiring models who look up to Tiffany, the chance to have a similar experience,” said Ms Yanika Mattei, Kinnie Brand Executive.

“We launched a Facebook campaign and invited the public to participate in the competition. The response was overwhelming and we really were spoilt for choice. In the end, a panel of judges chose Bettina Pace as the winner of this competition. Right now, we are excited to roll out our new campaign which showcases the winner of ‘Be the Face of Diet Kinnie 2012’. We hope our audience enjoys this too,” continued Ms Mattei.