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New brews to celebrate new Brewhouse 9/13/2012

Cisk Pils Premium Pilsner

Simonds Special Premium Amber Ale

Cisk Pils Premium Pilsner and Simonds Special Premium Amber Ale are two new beers launched last week to celebrate the inauguration of Farsons’ new Brewhouse.

Cisk Pils is an outstanding all-malt premium pilsner brewed with passion following years of brewing experience. Its bitter taste is mellowed by a strong malt flavour topped by a fresh hop aroma making this premium pilsner an excellent accompaniment to seafood and white meats.

Simonds Special is a full-bodied, all-malt premium ale with a deep amber colour derived from a blend of moderately roasted malts. The special maturation process gives the beer an interesting fruity character complemented by the hoppy notes of a complex blend of English hops. This beer is best served as an accompaniment to pork dishes, lamb and smoked foods.

The new Brewhouse, the last phase of a €40 million investment programme, was inaugurated last week and is an efficient, fully automated and versatile brewing plant, leading to cost efficiencies, energy savings and improved product consistency.

On the occasion of this important milestone in its story, Farsons has also developed four recipes that feature the two inauguration brews as an important ingredient. The recipes, which include Rabbit braised with Cisk Pils, Mussels steamed in Beer, Beef & Onion Stew with Ale and Pork, Bacon, Apple & Fennel Ale Stew, are all appetizing and hearty dishes that are given a tasty twist with the use of beer.

“It is only fitting to mark the inauguration of a new Brewhouse with new special brews that have been developed following years of brewing experience and steeped in history and heritage. Cisk Pils and Simonds Special are not only the perfect accompaniment to many varied dishes but are also ideal as a key ingredient in food recipes, adding a delicious flavour to any dish,” said Ms Susan Weenink, Head of Marketing and Communications at Simonds Farsons Cisk plc.

The new beers will be available over the coming weeks at selected restaurants and casual dining outlets. They can also be purchased from Farsonsdirect in Mriehel or online: http://www.farsonsdirect.com/.