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Cisk is… Cisk – new campaign for Malta’s iconic beer 6/14/2012

A behind-the-scenes shot from the making of the ‘Cisk is… Cisk’ television commercial produced at a specialist studio in the UK.

A new, high-profile, advertising campaign has recently been unveiled for Malta’s iconic beer brand, Cisk Lager. The campaign has been developed around a bold and unequivocal statement that anyone who has ever experienced this unique Maltese lager will probably be able to relate to: ‘Cisk is... Cisk’.

The new campaign for this bottom-fermented golden-coloured lager, which is brewed to the highest standards by Simonds Farsons Cisk plc, was developed by BPC International. 

"Though Cisk Lager is increasingly enjoyed in a number of countries, Malta remains very much a key market for our flagship beer. Following the recent upgrading of bottle labels and cans we have completely revamped the whole packaging line, resulting in a more streamlined and premium presentation across the portfolio," observed Ms Susan Weenink, Head Marketing and Communications at Simonds Farsons Cisk plc.

"We also wanted our above-the-line communications to reflect the same strategy, and tasked our agency, BPC International, with taking the brand to the next level and making a bold statement that would reflect where Cisk stands in an increasingly competitive market. Crucially, we were not just looking for a single campaign idea, but rather for a viable strategic platform which we can build on over the medium term. It was also mandatory that the campaign could incorporate all aspect of the brand’s communications, such as our key sponsorship of events and association with national sports."

The ‘Cisk is’ campaign developed in 2010 proved to have significant resonance with target consumers who know well enough that Cisk is different to other beers, and recognise the unique place it plays in the Maltese culture.

In fact, this year’s campaign takes the communications a logical step forward, emphasising key points of difference and, above all, showcasing product quality.

Production of a 30 second commercial for television, online and cinema entailed shooting product sequences in super-slow motion at over one thousand frames per second at a specialist studio in the UK, which has never been used before for any Maltese product, and which captures, in appealing high definition, just why Cisk is... Cisk.