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Business Breakfast for Farsons Group Directors and Management 4/2/2012

A Business Breakfast was recently organised for the Directors and Management of the Farsons Group at the Brewery’s prestigious Old Boardroom in Mriehel. Hosted by Quintano Foods Limited, the event was an opportunity for the company to showcase its extensive portfolio of prestigious food brands.

Distinguished guest speaker at the event, Mr Michael C. Bonello, former Governor of the Central Bank of Malta, addressed the theme chosen for this event, namely, the Eurozone crisis – its origins, prospects for the future and the lessons to be learnt. He presented interesting insights and perspectives which provided much food for thought.

During his opening speech, Mr Louis A. Farrugia, Chairman of the Farsons Group, noted that “The Old Farsons’ Boardroom has witnessed critical business decisions over a period spanning more than 50 years and these decisions have led to the growth and diversity of the Group.”

Through this event, participants had the opportunity to step out of their busy schedules for a short period of time and afforded them the possibility to look beyond the working environment, to stop and think of all the implications of the current economic situation in the Eurozone as well as globally, and to learn and appreciate the knowledge and expertise of respected leaders in the economy.

The Business Breakfast was concluded by Mr Norman Aquilina, Chief Executive Officer of the Farsons Group who touched on some salient points made by Mr Bonello and their implications on Farsons’ strategies.