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Quintano Foods launches well-known Greek yoghurt brand Mevgal in Malta 3/22/2011

Quintano Foods Limited has recently announced the launch of well-known Greek brand, Mevgal in Malta. Mevgal is a range of original Greek products such as extra strained yoghurts, desserts and dip-salad that contain contain most of the nutrients necessary for our body like vitamins B2 and B12 and calcium.

The Mevgal range of extra strained yoghurts is ideal for all those who wish to enjoy the velvet and smooth taste of premium yoghurt. They are made of fresh milk and are available in three varities: full 10% fat yoghurt for a rich taste, 2% fat yoghurt and 0% fat yoghurt with just 52 calories per 100gr.

Mevgal's Duettino dessert yoghurt is an authentic Greek strained yoghurt with separate containers for honey and pecan nuts that contains only 2% fat. When mixed together these create a unique creamy taste ideal for breakfast, dessert or as a light snack. 

Mevgal's Tzatziki Salad is one of the classic dip-salads in the Greek cusine, mainly made of strained yoghurt, cucumber, garlic and anise. Tzatziki is traditionally served as an appetizer and accompanies a variety of  meals. It has a thick creamy texture that allows it to be eaten alone, as a dip or as a spread on a slice of bread.

The Mevgal range of products is imported, marketed and distributed by Quintano Foods Limited, a member of The Farsons Group.