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The Black Grouse scoops gold 1/26/2011

The Black Grouse is continuing its award-winning run after receiving a gold medal at the International Spirits Challenge (ISC) 2010.

Now in its 15th year, the ISC leads the way in tasting and promoting outstanding quality spirits from around the world. Each year, spirits are tasted and rigorously judged by the industry's leading international experts, and despite the current economic climate, the competition reported a higher number of entries across the board this year.

The Black Grouse whisky is designed to attract blended Scotch drinkers who are looking for a dram with a more challenging taste. It subtly marries the smoothness of The Famous Grouse with the rich smokiness of peated malts.

Gerry O’Donnell, Director for The Famous Grouse, said: “We’re delighted with how well The Black Grouse has been received since we launched this new blend in 2007. We are seeing a trend towards more challenging whiskies and flavours and we feel The Black Grouse delivers this on all levels. It gives drinkers keen to embrace a richer, peated whisky the opportunity to try this from a trusted premium brand.”

Since its launch in Sweden in 2007 The Black Grouse has received a number of awards including taking Gold (Best in Class) at the International Wine and Spirits Competition in 2009 and Gold for Best Scotch Whisky Blend at the 2009 Scottish Whisky Masters. In his 2008 Whisky Bible’, Jim Murray hailed it as “a real treasure – the best new blended scotch whisky” awarding it a total score of 94/100.

The Black Grouse is imported, marketed and distributed by Farsons Beverage Imports Company Limited, a member of The Farsons Group.