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Perrier goes glamorous with Dita Von Teese 9/28/2010

Dita Von Teese, fashion icon and jewel of the neo-Burlesque, has lent her glamorous image to internationally renowned brand Perrier.

The Perrier brand has always been edgy, and this time is no exception. In keeping with the Perrier tradition of working with the world's most talented artists such as Warhol, Savignac, Villemot or Kiraz, it is now embarking on a new stylistic adventure. A combination of inimitable style and strong character, matched with a touch of impertinence and a soupcon of fantasy, Dita Von Teese and Perrier were made for each other.

With the help of Dita Von Teese, the Perrier limited edition 2010 is chic and sensual. Perrier by Dita “Paparazzi” takes its inspiration from photographs of the star and her unique world highlighting the brand's equally charming assets. Just like Perrier, Dita has already made a name for herself. The graphics of the “Paparazzi” Limited Edition are light-hearted and surprising with laudatory press cuttings and photos taken in raw light. The newsprint pattern of the Paparazzi décor beautifully reveal Dita's vintage sensuality and underline the legendary pleasure experienced with each sip of Perrier.  A special website – www.perrierbydita.com – has been developed to emphasise Dita's sensuality in a playfully provocative manner.

Since it was first bottled in 1863, Perrier has taken over the world and is now available in 150 countries. It stands out from the crowd with the strength of its bubbles that bring a feeling of extraordinary freshness with each sip. It is 100% sugar and calorie free and with its stable mineral composition and its original purity, Perrier can be consumed without moderation. Its varied formats adapt to any time of the day for moments of fabulous pleasure!

Elegant, audacious and avant-garde, the Perrier brand dresses and undresses itself as the seasons pass. Paul and Joe, Agnes B., Sophia Wood, Hartland Villa, Dita Von Teese... the best known designers have clothed the little green bottle, when it is not wearing the colours of the French Tennis Open for their historic partnership.

The amazing story of Perrier and its unique personality has led to a wealth of creativity in the world of advertising and communication. 

Perrier is imported, marketed and distributed by Farsons Beverage Imports Company Limited, a member of The Farsons Group.