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Walkers launches range of World Cup–inspired crisps 6/14/2010

Snack food giant Walkers has launched a range of World Cup-inspired crisps in Malta.

American Cheeseburger, Argentinian Flame Grilled Steak, Brazilian Salsa, French Garlic Baguette, German Bratwurst Sausage, Dutch Edam Cheese, Italian Spaghetti Bolognese, Spanish Chicken Paella, Australian BBQ Kangaroo, South African Sweet Chutney and Japanese Teriyaki Chicken are just some of the flavours available from the limited edition range.

Each flavour was inspired by a delicious national dish of a different country around the World and giving customers the chance to try a whole world of flavours.

The range is available in single serve packets of 34.5gr each and multipack packets of 6 packets of 25gr each.