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Introducing The Snow Grouse in Malta 6/8/2010

The Snow Grouse is the first ever blended Scotch Whisky designed to be served ‘seriously chilled’ straight from the freezer at -18º.

The Snow Grouse, is an exciting new addition to The Famous Grouse portfolio. It is aimed at consumers who are looking for something new and different. Made from grain spirit and matured in oak casks before being gently chill filtered, it creates a light, delicate and vanilla sweet whisky with a uniquely smooth taste. A sweet gloopy mouth-feel, it has a cool taste sensation when served ‘seriously chilled’.

After attending a tasting session, Ms. Petra Altenberger, Brand Executive of The Famous Grouse, noted that “this is a completely unique whisky that takes on a whole new taste profile when served seriously chilled. At room temperature, it is a beautifully balanced, easy drinking Scotch Whisky. Served straight from the freezer consumers will find that the whisky has an even more delicate flavour, is thicker in consistency and sweeter than a usual dram.

“The Snow Grouse has been a great success story in other markets and we are hoping to follow this trend in Malta,” continued Ms Altenberger.

The Snow Grouse can be served straight from the freezer as a shot or on the rocks. For ladies who like it more refreshing 'The Snow Breeze' is the right alternative. Just fill a glass with ice, squeeze a wedge of lime, add a measure of The Snow Grouse, top up with 7UP and add a splash of Cranberry Juice.

The Snow Grouse is imported, marketed and distributed by Farsons Beverage Imports Company Limited, a member of The Farsons Group.