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Danone further extends its desserts range 4/14/2010

Quintano Foods, importers of Danone yoghurts in Malta, have announced the latest additions to the Danone desserts range. Danette Clack & Crock is the latest addition to the current Danette dessert range whilst Vitasnella Gran Frutta dessert range replaces the Vitasnella Mousse range.

Danette Clack & Crock is a full cream milk-based dessert made from fresh milk, available in a chocolate and vanilla flavour with a mix of chocolate coated crunchy mini-biscuits that can be added to the chocolate or vanilla cream. It is an irresistible temptation for both children and adults at any time of the day.

Vitasnella Gran Frutta is a light dessert, with only 0.6gr fat per cup, which appeals to health conscious consumers. It is a creamy white yoghurt placed on a bed of large pieces of fresh fruit. Gran Frutta is packed with natural goodness and comes in 3 different flavours – Peach, Strawberry and Pineapple & Passionfruit. 

Danone yoghurts are imported, marketed and distributed by Quintano Foods Limited, a member of The Farsons Group.