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One of Malta’s most widely known and recognised icons is changing as the Farsons Group unveils a new corporate identity that encompasses all its associated companies. The new identity, which features a stylised red hop leaf and the tip of a trident with bold blue font, allows for strong individual and clear identities for each of the operating companies, whilst reinforcing the strength of the group as a whole. It builds on the tradition of the Group whilst communicating the dynamism of a diversified Group which is set to take on the market opportunities of the future.

The new identity will be gradually rolled out in a carefully planned and phased process across all sectors of Farsons Group business. These include Farsons Brewers & Bottlers, Quintano Food Importers, EcoPure Beverage Services, FBIC Beverage Importers, Farsonsdirect Beverages & More,  Food Chain Restaurants, and Trident Property Management.

"The Farsons Group is today a dynamic, diversified and forward-looking group of companies, each with their own strengths and market positions contributing to – and benefitting from – each other’s synergy," said the Group Chief Executive Mr Louis A Farrugia. "Our old corporate identity, which we had launched over twenty years ago did not fully reflect the reality of the size of the Group as it is today, operating in different market sectors. Our new identity delivers consistency across all Group companies and communicates the strength, and size, of what our business has now developed into.

Whether it is dealing with principals whose products we are privileged to represent in the Maltese market, or whether we are introducing ourselves to the international market, a modern and international, standard image is appropriate as the Farsons Group continues to look ahead.  Farsons has always been associated with forward looking entrepreneurship and this process continues as we now look ahead confidently to our next steps," said Mr Farrugia.

Farsons new corporate identity, whilst forward-looking and contemporary in style and graphic application, draws on elements that are at the very heart of the Group’s solid foundations. The red hop leaf has long been associated with the company’s products and packaging, whilst Neptune’s trident featured on the first beer to be brewed in Malta by Farsons in 1928. Without doubt, the hop leaf and Neptune’s trident are symbols that are not only representative of Farsons but also synonymous with high quality and excellent products.