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Danone, a leader in innovation, launches Danaos 3/29/2010

Danone has recently launched Danaos, a creamy yoghurt made from semi-skimmed milk to reinforce and maintain strong bones.  Danaos provides the right dose of calcium and vitamin D, which helps the absorption of calcium in the body.

In adulthood we need around 800mg of calcium daily in order to retain strong bones. This is equivalent to around 750ml of milk or 100gr of cheese, although on average, an adult consumes much less calcium than that required.

Danaos contains 400mg of calcium and 5mg of vitamin D per cup of 125gr. Therefore just one cup of Danaos contains half the amount of calcium and the full amount of vitamin D of the recommended daily intake.

Danaos is available in three flavours: natural, strawberry and peach, and is also low in fat, containing only around 1.9 grams per cup.

Danone products are imported, marketed and distributed by Quintano Foods Limited, a member of the Farsons Group.