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Guinness encourages celebration of Irish tradition around the world on St Patrick’s Day 3/8/2010

Consumers unite in celebration by toasting with iconic pint of Guinness

On March 17, individuals around the world will unite in celebration to recognize St Patrick’s Day and honour Irish heritage. More than 60 million people worldwide claim Irish ancestry, including the 4.1 million citizens of Ireland, but genealogy is forgotten at the door of pubs around the world. This cultural celebration has been enthusiastically shared and transformed for generations to form the widely accepted notion that everyone is Irish on St Patrick’s Day. On the heels of the global celebration of its 250th Anniversary, GUINNESS, the world’s most famous Irish stout, encourages adults around the world to forego green and raise a pint to make black and white their colours of choice on St Patrick’s Day.

Much like St Patrick’s Day, GUINNESS is steeped in Irish history and tradition and has become a symbolic representation of Irish culture. In 2009, GUINNESS engaged the world in celebrating 250 years of Irish tradition brewed in almost 50 countries and enjoyed daily in over 150 nations across the globe.  In 1759 Arthur Guinness signed a 9,000 year lease on the world famous Dublin brewery at St James’s Gate. In the intervening time GUINNESS has become one of the most iconic brands of all time, built on a commitment to product excellence, innovation, social benevolence and philanthropy.

“St Patrick’s Day and GUINNESS are symbolic of not only Irish culture but celebrating life,” says Fergal Murray, GUINNESS Master Brewer.  “The best way to celebrate is by gathering a group of friends and toasting the energy and happiness that good company may bring. Please remember to enjoy GUINNESS on St Patrick’s Day, and on any occasion, responsibly.”

St Patrick’s Day celebrations take shape differently everywhere consisting of festive parades in the United States, Munich and Tokyo or the flocking of “honorary Irishmen” of Spain and Italy to their local Irish pub. Despite location, one element of the celebration remains constant and authentically Irish: the enjoyment of the world’s best-selling stout and Ireland’s most recognizable export - GUINNESS. Whether you hail from the Emerald Isle or enjoy that fantasy for one day a year, people around the world agree that a quality pint is the proper way to celebrate. More than 10 million pints of GUINNESS are raised around the world in celebrations large and small everyday around the globe and even more so on St Patrick’s Day.