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Scarlino Sausages relaunched in Malta 9/24/2009

Quintano Foods has just relaunched the brand Scarlino, founded by Tommaso Scarlino in 1971. The brand specializes in sausages and it is one of the top brands in Italy, producing only top quality products.  

The range available locally is:-

  • Le Cock di Pollo e Tacchino - The sausages of this range are made from chicken and turkey. There is also the cheese version - chicken and turkey sausage stuffed with cheese. This range is made especially for customers who want something light but still want to enjoy the pleasure of good eating.
  • Les Finesses - The nature of these products and above all their quality, places the range in a high quality segment as only tasty and refined products are used, to offer customers delightful tastes. Two of the products within this range are Mini Berner (a delicate sausage made from pure pork, stuffed with cheese and wrapped in a slice of bacon) and Grill Mix (a rich mix of sausages made from pork and cheese).
  • Classici di suino - This range, made from pork, is the most popular, especially amongst children and young adults. It is available in a 3-piece pack and a 10-piece pack.
  • Salami Cotti can be consumed by all the family or at the restaurant, in various ways: like antipasto, eaten cold as a snack or as an ingredient in many other elaborated recipes.   

Scarlino Sausages are a perfect summertime treat for zesty grills that satisfy everyone's tastes. Available in leading supermarkets and stores.

Quintano Foods Limited is a subsidiary company of The Farsons Group of Companies.