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San Michel Nutrì – not just water 8/26/2009

San Michel Nutrì is a new range of lightly-flavoured waters that contain natural herb extracts and are enriched with Vitamin B. An extension of the San Michel brand, which also includes the popular Fruitwaves range, San Michel Nutrì is targeted at consumers who are searching great-tasting beverage options, but are still concerned about their calorie consumption.

Ms Karen Scicluna Calleja, Brand Executive for San Michel said, “The new San Michel Nutrì satisfies more than just thirst. A delicious way to keep hydrated, this new water is Vitamin B-enhanced and is enriched with natural herb extracts. What’s more, San Michel Nutrì contains only 5 kcals per bottle.”

San Michel Nutrì is currently available in two flavours: the exotic Pomegranate, enriched with Chamomile and Asian Ginseng; and Lemon, containing Green Tea and Asian Ginseng. These herb extracts are all known for properties that enhance general well-being. Both variants contain no added sugar and are rich in Vitamin B.

“If you are concerned about your calorie intake but want a tasty alternative to water, San Michel Nutrì is just right for you,” added Ms Scicluna Calleja.

San Michel Nutrì is available in 500ml PET bottles in leading supermarkets and stores, and most bars and kiosks. It can also be purchased online from www.farsonsdirect.com.

San Michel Table Water is Malta’s trusted household name in table water, and is a leading innovator of the flavoured water category. San Michel, San Michel Fruitwaves and San Michel Nutrì are produced, marketed and distributed by Simonds Farsons Cisk plc.

Visit www.sanmichel.com for more information.