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Perrier launches its new look for the summer 8/13/2009

The world is divided into two types of people: those who go to cafés and those who don’t. Therefore, there are two perfectly distinct and clear mentalities, and one – that of those who go – seems to be superior to the other,” exclaimed the novelist, playwright, unapologetic wanderer, frequenter of cafés and king of snappy dialogue, Georges Courteline.

In keeping with its annual tradition, Perrier is changing and dressing its new “limited edition”.

This year, the theme is “conversation”. A conversation with the duo of graphic designers Hartland Villa. A conversation that will be carried on with all loyal Perrier lovers.

The result is words that mingle, ideas that spark, with chatty bubbles that make way for other bubbles, in a conversation that pulses and swings, a game of verbal ping-pong between Perrier and its fans.

The meeting of minds between Perrier and Hartland Villa was one of charm and gaiety, lightness and rhythm, humour and wit. Hartland Villa are known in France for their visual virtuosity in the music business (BMG, EMI, Jazz à la Villette, Opéra national de Lyon, Opéra national du Rhin), blending the musicality of words with the sparkling of the water.

Dancing conversations, singing dialogue, snappy verbal jousting between three conversations Terrace Conversations, Paris Chic Conversations and Night Conversations for all those who seek refreshment from one sidewalk café to another, one bar to another, one refuge to another, in these bubbles of wit and bubbles of light.

Perrier is imported, marketed and distributed by Farsons Beverage Imports Company Limited, a subsidiary company of The Farsons Group of Companies.

About Perrier
Perrier is celebrating one hundred and fifty years since the Perrier Source in Vergèze in the heart of the south of France first began making water-lovers happy.

Since then, Perrier has managed to conquer the entire world and its name has become much more than a brand, it has become a legend. A legend that is a blend of elegance, creativity and the avant-garde reinforcing the extraordinary intensity of the refreshment provided by this magical, bubbly, light and happy water.

Perrier is famous in 140 countries with an annual worldwide turnover of 800 million bottles (all sizes). Perrier is a natural mineral water that contains minerals and natural gas that come straight from the source. 

A few words with designers Hartland Villa

What is your relationship with Perrier?
Among the brands who have really marked the graphic design landscape in France, there are few that have a history to match that of Perrier. This brand has worked with the greatest names: the French poster designers Villemot and Savignac, as well as Americans like Warhol and Milton Glaser…

We were contacted three years ago to create our first special edition bottle, the “Bubbling pleasure” through the design agency Kreo with whom we work on a regular basis. We enjoyed working on that project enormously as it encouraged us to submit really varied visual proposals. That Perrier called us indicate that they liked what we did, as much as we enjoyed working for and with them.

So what is the common ground between Hartand Villa and Perrier?
A wish to surprise people, the ability to laugh at everything, or almost everything and to try to do so with a certain elegance, with a taste for the left-field without going over the top. Our graphic work has often led us to work for cultural and institutional clients. There are very few big brand names that dare giving their creative teams such freedom, and advertise outside the beaten path.

So why go for the “French touch” angle, this idea of conversations about Perrier at sidewalk cafés?
We used the “French” aspect as it is an important value attached to the brand abroad. We played with words and “bubbles” to recreate surreal conversations, collages of words that work well together and evoke sensual and creative conversations in an ironical way.

The idea is to leave room for the audience’s imagination to fantasize about situations and ambiences. The abundance of conversations is set to the rhythm of the profusion of words and the variety of an expressive and contrasting typography. The choice of words projects the idea of “learning French with Perrier”: as many of the expressions we chose evoke clichés of French culture, they make up a totally absurd French language lesson. In this absurdity lies the humour, creativity and as such, the quality of the project.

For more information about Hartland Villa, please visit: http://www.hartlandvilla.com/.