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Times change... but time doesn’t change everything 8/4/2009

Hopleaf Pale Ale and Blue Label Ale, two of Farsons’ most respected Classic Brews, have this summer been given a new and refreshing image. The ‘new look’ graphics combine traditional elements with a modern twist to give the brands an updated look, which is more in tune with today’s consumers’ preferences and expectations. 

“Hopleaf and Blue Label have been a key part of Farsons’ success for over eighty years. This latest investment in packaging reinforces our commitment, not only to maintain the traditional qualities that have made these beers so successful, but also to attract new beer lovers to these truly classical Maltese brews,” said Ms Sue Weenink, Senior Marketing Operations Manager at Simonds Farsons Cisk plc.

Hopleaf Pale Ale
It was 1928 when the first bottles of Farsons Pale Ale were sold during the feast of St George in Qormi. Today, more than 80 years later, Hopleaf is one of Malta’s most respected Classic Brews, symbolising local craftsmanship and traditional beer drinking. Brewed with high quality malt and traditional English hops, Hopleaf has a strong character with a pleasant bitterness.

Blue Label Ale
Launched in 1928, Blue Label has strong connections with the British Navy. Today, this Classic Brew remains a favourite amongst locals and tourists alike, and continues to represent the art of traditional brewing and beer culture. Known for its rich colour, Blue Label is brewed with a special type of malt which gives it a distinctly smooth and mild taste.

The ‘new look’ Hopleaf and Blue Label are currently available in 25cl and 50cl returnable glass bottles with 33cl cans to follow.