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Farsons CEO Designate Mr Norman Aquilina with Farsons CEO Mr Louis A Farrugia at Farsons Logistics Centre.

As from the 1st July 2009, Norman Aquilina, currently Chief Commercial Officer of the Farsons’ Group will be taking on the role of CEO Designate.  Mr. Aquilina will be working closely with the current CEO, Mr. Louis A Farrugia and with the Board of Directors, with a view to assuming the responsibilities of the CEO.  Besides his duties for the commercial function of SFC plc, Mr. Aquilina will also be responsible for the implementation of the approved strategic direction for the Group, leading the senior management of the Group and the day-to-day operations of the business.

Norman Aquilina, 46, joined the Farsons Group as Managing Director of Quintano Foods, the food importation business which he ran and which the Group acquired in 2004.  In 2007, he was   appointed Chief Commercial Officer and has since successfully introduced and led a number of projects and initiatives as a result of the liberalization of the carbonated soft drinks market and the setting up of Farsons’ Logistics Centre.

Mr. Aquilina has a strong enthusiasm for Malta’s membership of the European Union which is something he shares with Farsons’ CEO, Mr. Louis A Farrugia and had long championed Malta’s bid for EU membership.   Norman Aquilina held the post of senior Vice-President of the Malta Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise and is currently the Chairman of the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Trade Section within the Chamber.  He is a former board member for the Malta External Trade Corporation and is a member of the EU’s Enterprise Policy Group.

Mr. Aquilina is a graduate in International Trade and holds a diploma in business management.  He has furthered his studies at various management schools and is an alumni of the Salzburg Seminar.  He was also one of the first award winners of the Strickland Foundation following the presentation of a study on the economic and social impact on Malta following EU accession.

He is married to Sharon, nee’ Mercieca and they have two children, Bettina and Timothy.