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Pepsi Max given a new brand image 6/8/2009

Pepsi Max, an extension of the Pepsi brand, has been given an exciting new image through a new innovative packaging which used a new full-sleeve wrap and new graphics, differentiating it from other beverages on the market.

Ms Yanika Mattei, Brand Manager for PepsiCo Malta says, “Pepsi Max has been on our market for some years now, clearly recognized and consumed for its ‘No Sugar’ proposition. MAX has, throughout the years, built and developed an identity of its own. As market challenges are reaching new heights, brands need to continuously monitor their environment as well as their proposition and image to see where they stand and how they can continuously evolve to meet their consumers’ ever changing needs.”

Max is taking its brand image to a whole new level through the introduction this of new packaging. Giving itself a kick in the right direction, it offers a great cola taste, cola fizz and cola rush. It remains free of any sugar baggage which might slow you down.

This year Max will be communicating its new message throughout various marketing communication tools. Most importantly, its packaging will be its main focus of communication.

Max is different from the norm, and believes that ‘Life is a Game. Bet Big’. This is one of the messages to be noticed in its lifestyle campaign and places the brand as appealing to a daring, non-conventional target market. This initiative, besides being creative is also new to the rest of Europe – in fact, the Maltese market is the first to launch the new-look Max.

Pepsi Max is produced, marketed and distributed by Simonds Farsons Cisk plc.