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The Farsons Beverage Imports Co. Ltd. team led by General Manager Pierre Stafrace (centre) is composed of  Commercial Operations Manager Matthew Cuomo, Finance Executive Cherise Caruana, Retail Operations Manager Shawn Caruana and Sales Manager Adrian Tonna.

As part of its restructuring programme, Farsons will be merging the operations of Guido Vella Limited and Anthony Caruana & Sons Limited into Wands Limited with the latter being renamed Farsons Beverage Imports Co.  Ltd. Such merger will be effective as of the 17th June 2009.   

This development is intended to further enhance the import companies' relationship with its customers, simplifying procedures and generally offering an improved level of customer service.  The company is proactively strengthening its operations and investing in its business structure to be able to meet the various changes which are taking place in the market place as well as to be in a better position to reap further benefits from the market opportunities being presented.  The company will continue to operate its two main retail outlets, farsonsdirect.com at Mriehel and its cash and carry at Qormi.  It also offers an online sales and delivery service through www.farsonsdirect.com.

The team at Farsons Beverage Imports Co. Ltd. is led by General Manager Pierre Stafrace. He is supported by a management team which has been strengthened through the addition of Sales Manager Adrian Tonna, Commercial Operations Manager Matthew Cuomo, Retail Operations Manager Shawn Caruana, and Finance Executive Cherise Caruana.  The team has a wealth of experience within Farsons' Group and a diversity of skills and experience which will prove to be an invaluable asset to the newly merged company.

Farsons Beverage Imports Co. Ltd has a strong portfolio of world-leading brands of wines, spirits, beers and non-alcoholic beverages including Perrier, Campari, Bacardi, Ballantines, Absolut, Famous Grouse, Jim Beam, Remy Martin, Guinness, Budweiser, Beck's, John smith's, Strongbow and Antinori.