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The Dalmore shines in prestigious US spirits awards 4/15/2009

The Dalmore, one of the world’s rarest and most exclusive whiskies, has secured numerous double gold and gold medals in two of the United States’ most prestigious spirits awards.

In the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the oldest and most ‘revered’ in the US, The Dalmore 15-year old and 40-year old won the top prize of double gold medals.

The 12-year old, Gran Reserva, 1974 and King Alexander III all won gold medals in their class meaning the whole Dalmore range won more top awards than any other whisky. Whyte & Mackay 40-year old and Jura Superstition, both produced by the same Glasgow-based spirits company, also won prestigious gold medals.

The Dalmore’s packaging was also applauded after the 50-year old won the ‘best bottle design’ and gold medal at the International Review of Spirits Packaging held in Chicago. King Alexander III also won the best gift box and a gold medal for creativity at the same awards.

Nick Garland, Whyte & Mackay’s global sales and marketing director, said: “This is an outstanding achievement, but for those that know and love the Dalmore it will come as no surprise that they covet a multi-award winning whisky. These prestigious awards recognize that The Dalmore is a truly rare, exclusive and sought after malt whisky.”

The Dalmore successfully launched one of the oldest whiskies in the world last year: the 50-year old. The limited edition expression - only 191 bottles are available worldwide - contains whisky first distilled 140 years ago. This means the liquid started life before the invention of the telephone, the car and the electric light.

The brand also has the unique distinction of being the most exclusive whisky ever purchased and consumed in one sitting. An un-named businessman bought a bottle of 62-year old for £32,000 and drank it with friends on the 15th April 2005 in a Surrey hotel, leaving a glass of the precious liquid, in the bottle, as a generous tip worth more than £1,000!

Dalmore, Whyte & Mackay, and Jura are imported, marketed and distributed by Wands Limited, a subsidiary company of The Farsons Group of Companies and can be purchased online at www.farsonsdirect.com or at the retail outlet adjacent to the Farsons Brewery, FarsonsDirect.com.