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Kinnie is onboard with Monopoly® Malta 11/24/2008

- Win a Monopoly® Malta game with Kinnie

Kinnie is the official sponsor of the Maltese version of the popular board game, Monopoly. This board game is the most sought-after board game ever created and from December, its new Maltese version will be available on the local market.

“Kinnie, Malta’s own favourite soft drink, has teamed up with Monopoly® Malta board game, which, just like Kinnie will inevitably be very popular with the Maltese public. Since both Kinnie and Monopoly® Malta share the unique attribute of being Maltese it is great that both well-known brands are involved in this unique project,” said Ms Lara Micallef, Brand Executive for Kinnie.

Kinnie is also offering 50 Monopoly® Malta board games up for grabs in a lottery. Anyone who sends in any 4 labels of either Kinnie, Diet Kinnie or Kinnie Zest can participate in a lottery to win a Monopoly® Malta board game. Additionally, there is also an online competition where web visitors can answer a simple question for a chance to win this fabulous board game. One can log onto http://www.kinnie.com/ to participate.

Monopoly® Malta gives a Maltese flavour to the board game, with 22 important, historical and cultural Maltese and Gozitan localities. It also emphasises Maltese cultural aspects like “Ix-Xorti” and “Is-Senduq” to represent the Chance and Community Chest cards as well as promoting Maltese culture through customized cards like “You have won the first prize in the national Għana contest, receive €100”. Monopoly® Malta is in Maltese with English translations throughout to enable English speaking foreigners, including Maltese emigrants in the various parts of the world, to enjoy the game as well.

Monopoly® Malta makes an ideal gift for Christmas especially for family and friends living abroad. Further enquiries can be obtained from info@monopolymalta.com or tel 21382545. Log onto http://www.gamebox.com.mt/ for more information.