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Lovesexy LIVE returns in a one-of-its-kind show featuring DJ Ruby performing with a 20-piece orchestra 9/22/2008

Sigmund Mifsud, conductor of the 20-piece orchestra performing with DJ Ruby in next Sunday’s Lovesexy LIVE event.

Lovesexy LIVE returns this year with a bigger-than-ever dance event at Fosos in Floriana next Sunday 28th September 2008. After the record-breaking Lovesexy LIVE event seven years ago, this year’s show, which is sponsored by Budweiser and Bacardi, promises to be a unique experience for all party goers.

For the first time at this great venue, Lovesexy LIVE will feature two spectacular shows. The Gathering, will feature and unprecedented 20 different stages with 20 different artists or promoters playing 20 different dance music genres.

The second show features Ruby Live in concert with a 20-piece orchestra and featuring Ira Losco. The orchestra will be playing strings – violin, violas, cello, double base, brass – trumpets, basses, trombones, French horn, percussions, winds – flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet, and harp. An opera singer will be opening the show. This show is the first of its kind on the island as this will be the first time that a Maltese DJ will be performing with an orchestra.

“Lovesexy has a long history of successful events with record breaking attendances. This year’s event will surely be one of the highlights of this summer and our association with Budweiser and Bacardi reinforce these brands’ association with Malta’s clubbing scene,” said Mr Jason Jones, the man behind Lovesexy. “We are particularly excited about this event because it has two ‘firsts’ for Malta – DJ Ruby playing with a full orchestra and 20 different music stages.”

Budweiser and Bacardi are imported, marketed and distributed by Wands Limited, a subsidiary company of The Farsons Group of Companies.