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Wine tasting event in Gozo 7/17/2008

A unique wine-tasting event of Hugel et Fils wines is being held next Wednesday, 23rd July at It-Tmun Lounge & Restaurant in Victoria, Gozo.

The various wines to be tasted at next Wednesday’s event include Gentil 2006, Reisling Tradition 2006, Pinot Gris Tradition 2005, Gewurztraminer Jubilee 2005, Pinot Noir Jubilee 2004, and Gewurztraminer VT 2001. These wines will be served at different stations accompanied by a selection of dishes chosen purposely to match the wines, offering one the opportunity to move from one table to another, sampling wines and the food they most complement.  The dishes range from ratatouille with olive tapenade, through an array of sushi to chilli con carne samosas.

This special event starts at 8.30pm and the cost is €18 per person.

Hugel et Fils have been established in the Alsace region, on the eastern border of France, since 1639 and have gained an enviable reputation for their winegrowing skills and for the meticulous way in which they cultivated their vineyards.

The wines are represented in over 100 countries worldwide, and are available at some of the finest establishments. In Europe, virtually all restaurants awarded a 3-star rating by the Michelin Guide carry Hugel wines on their lists. They are frequently served at official functions all over the world, by Heads of State, Governments, Royalty, Diplomats and International bodies.

Hugel wines are imported, marketed and distributed by Wands Limited, a subsidiary company of The Farsons Group of Companies.