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Package innovation for local premium beer, Cisk Export 7/2/2008

Revellers at last week’s Isle of MTV mega-concert held at Fosos, Floriana were the first to experience their favourite party beer, Cisk Export, in 50cl PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) bottles. This was in fact, the first time ever in Malta, that a local beer was available in a convenient unbreakable and re-closable package.

This new package is fast emerging as the preferred format for beer in both the US and also across Europe, for both safety and security reasons, besides the convenience. Aptly named ‘Street-Pack’, Cisk Export in 50cl PET bottles will be available exclusively at parties, open-air events and concerts across Malta in the coming weeks. “PET bottles are light in weight and shatterproof making all celebrations safer. The re-closable cap also offers consumers the option of enjoying their beer at leisure,” said Ms Jocelyn Degiorgio, Brand Manager for Cisk.

“PET packaging offers consumers a user-friendly way of experiencing Cisk Export, while maintaining the freshness and distinguishing characteristics of this popular premium beer. PET bottles are also odourless, taint-free and easier to handle than glass when cold,” said Mr Eugenio Caruana, Chief Brewer at Simonds Farsons Cisk plc. PET bottles are completely recyclable.

Consumers can also experience the new PET package at Duran Duran’s concert in Malta of Saturday, 26th July, sponsored by Cisk Export.

Cisk Export Premium Lager Beer was launched in 1997 and has since won several major international awards. In addition to PET bottles, Cisk Export is also available in glass bottles, aluminium cans and on draught from stores and supermarkets, bars, pubs and restaurants.