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Perrier surprises your table with Eau de Perrier 6/27/2008

Eau de Perrier, launched recently in Malta by Wands Limited, is a lightly sparkling and low carbonated mineral water.

Sourced at the unique ‘Les Bouillens’ spring, Eau de Perrier is a natural mineral water reinforced with gas from the spring. Its lightness and low sodium complements all meals, whilst its subtle blue glass bottle and silver blue label bring beauty, style and light to any table.

Eau de Perrier is the latest innovation by Perrier, the famous sparkling mineral water that has conquered the world. Originating from Vergèze, in the South of France, Perrier is recognized worldwide as a leader in the bottled water market, contributing significantly to its growth. Part of the Nestlé Group, Perrier serves to showcase the company’s expertise in bottled water.

Perrier and Eau de Perrier are imported, marketed and distributed by Wands Limited, a subsidiary company of The Farsons Group of Companies.